How does MetLight work?

Your company or your research institution is looking for research opportunities in the field of metal-based lightweight or do you already have specific scientific questions to answer? Then you are exactly right at MetLight.

The infrastructure network Metal-based Lightweight Materials (MetLight) connects European research infrastructures and laboratories in the fields of production and process development, characterization, application, recycling and evaluation of lightweight materials. This provides easy access to these research possibilities. In addition, MetLight will be a catalyst for research collaborations and projects to promote innovation in the area of resource-efficient production and processing technologies. This gives you access to highly specialized research, which is a clear advantage over your competitors. 

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How MetLight works: You are looking for one or more services and add them to the shopping cart or you can make a request directly to MetLight and receive an answer within 24 hours.


Your Benefits

In cooperation with MetLight you will gain technological and economical benefits, which imply competitive advantages becoming stronger on your relevant market.


The partners within the MetLight network cover competences regarding the whole process chain including the production, materials characterization, component design, and recycling.


Due to the specific infrastructure and high expertise, standard and custom services can be provided in order to solve holistic research problems.

Latest News

Nov 29, 2016

Network Meeting in Freiberg

On 29th of November, we hold our first internal meeting in Freiberg (Germany). After interesting


Nov 15, 2016

KIC RawMaterials Brokerage Event 14.-15.11.2016 in Berlin

We were present on the KIC RawMaterials Brokerage Event in Berlin (14.-15.11.2016). We had a


Jan 01, 2016

MetLight launched!

The MetLight network has been launched. It is financed and supported by the EIT RawMaterials