Zanardi Fonderie

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Zanardi Fonderie is a material supplier, which produces castings and is specialized on Austempering treatment. This treatment is applicable to Ductile Iron, Steel and Grey Iron obtaining respectively Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI) and Isothermed Ductile Iron (IDI), Austempered Steel (AST) and Austempered Grey Iron (AGI). As a result, these materials have improved mechanical properties, which allows obtaining lightweight and material‐efficient components, with a reduced or null amount of CRM in substitution of high strength steels and aluminium alloys. The implementation of these unconventional materials requires Education, Research, Infrastructures and Life‐long experience. Zanardi Fonderie operates through all these directions cooperating, on one hand, with Universities both on Research side, for material characterisation and process investigations, and on Education side, with master thesis works. On the other hand, it is necessary to support the Customer’s Engineering with material data and competence on material behaviour overall the development process, to allow them to achieve successful lightweight solutions and material savings.
In case of massive productions, as for Automotive parts, or if casting components are not suitable for Zanardi Fonderie’s infrastructures, the Company offers a Technology Transfer service to Customers that want to adopt the Austempering technology.

Zanardi Fonderie, as an Associated Partner, is interested to deploy its competences and infrastructures to increase the diffusion of the Austempering technology as one of the possible solutions to reduce CRM consumption.
Within this framework Zanardi Fonderie’s effort on KIC RM (KCA + KAVA) will be oriented to implement activities according to the following aspects:

– Austempered Ductile Iron as an efficient alternative to steel casting, forging and/or welded parts, to reduce the weight and the Raw material consumption,
– Isothermal Ductile Iron, as an intermediate material between ADI and ductile iron, with no need to add critical alloying elements,
– Austempered Gray Iron, to increase mechanical strength and wear resistance of grey iron,
– ADI Wear Resistant (ADIWR), to obtain very high wear while keeping a satisfactory impact resistance,
– Austempered Steel, to increase (by Austempering and NOT by alloying) the performance of steels,
– Innovative equipment for metals production, treating, recycling.

Number of employees: 211
Turnover before tax: 33 Mio Euro

 Enrico Veneri
 Zanardi Fonderie
 Via Nazionale 3
 37046 Minerbe/Verona (Italy)
 phone:  +39 (0)442 64-7311
 fax:    +39 (0)442 64-0589

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